About Us

Good Work Company has been under the shelter of founder and managing director Mr. Kartar Singh Dunglay, who founded the company in 1955 when printing was just a block hitting another. Mr. K Singh by virtue of his uncanny ability of sensing the void and lack of technological efforts in the market, invested his time and mind backed by determination into the field of precision printing.

The name Good Work Company propped up in time with his intentions. Over the decades the growth of the company progressed as did the country. India today houses many companies grown and supported by our founder. When we first started, machinery was limited and only manual screen printing procedures were applied. Over the years with the coming of demand, came exposure to newer machinery such as the 1975 semi automatic screen printing machine developed by G W C later this machine was to revolutionize the screen printing saga within India.



With work experience in the field for over 50 years the growth and rise of the company and its technological approach is evident through our product. We now maintain a respectable customer service, constant innovation, extreme product quality and a solid reputation.