Tattoos- transfer tattoos are and have been a rage in the Indian promo scenario for a considerable time now, we introduced Tattoos almost 10 years ago and it remains a favorable item as an inclusion for many a products still.

GWC tattoos are food grade , non toxic and lead free therefore skin friendly. These tattoos are made in a variation of applications:

  • Water tattoos- application with water and removal of silicon paper.

  • Dry Tattoos- Simple peal and stick tattoos without the use of water.

  • Foil Tattoos- leafing like silver gold or rainbow stamping used to enrich the appearance of the tattoo

  • Glow in the dark Tattoos.

  • Glitter Tattoos

Multi Utility Butterfly

This butterfly designed for Microsoft has the following features:

  • Completely recyclable top layer made of Corn

  • Printed with eco friendly non toxic inks

  • Eco friendly Adhesive

  • The base is a hologram for security

  • An RFID tag for traceability