Braille Label

In the world of packaging a constant amount of innovation is needed to attract , inform or even caution consumers. Some are not fortunate enough to be able to make there own decisions. Dependability for the smallest things wears one down.

We at GWC keep a ken eye on being able to innovate around the disabled to be able if not much then even a percent of convenience or comfort.

We provide Braille printing for the visually impaired , labels for the Pharmaceutical industry so they find ease of use and lessor dependency for the simplest tasks.

Micro in Cap Labeling

A perfumer is a chemist and Odor his dream.

We create scent based informants that we call the Nano Microencap Particles.

This technology is used to capture scents and used on many print mediums.

Upon touch a scent is released expressing to the receiver a scent that needs conveying. Allows for minimizing of testers and offers a more flexible circulation eg: inserts in magazines for perfume adverts.

Nature sets the rules, we just re arrange and re present the same ,,,,

3D Label

3D labeling from lenticular to multi layered embossing on metal labels

The human mind with its visionary capabilities is challenged with there visual treats and trickery.


From human ears to electronic readers.

When an item emits a signal we can hear its location its health and other aspects.

Radio frequency labels , attached to collar on your pet, gives out a ring on your receiver if the poet or even child leaves a defined radius of space.

These are software driven and the possibilities are endless.

Locating of products enables a large scale warehousing operational by a single user.

• Tracking the movements of products in an assembly line

• Managing inventory in a library.

Each time a book is removed from a shelf and removed from a library the data is self updates via RF readers.

Upon return of the same book or any such rentable item the database is adjusted and inventory updated.

• Garments in store and adding a security feature of anti theft


Peel-n-RevealTM label provides the perfect solution to your on-trade marketing challenges. The key to its success is the simplicity. Tapping into the ever present urge to peel off the label, the Peel N RevealTM technology encourages your consumer to peel so that the message printed on the backside can be revealed! This unique technology was quickly adopted by MillerCoors to improve promotional sales on a regional basis

Metal Labels (Medallions)

Classical, distinctive and premium, Collotype′s Metal Labels are a solid investment in premium packaging. Embossing has never been more pronounced than on the thick aluminum substrate. Unlike traditional tin or pewter labels, Collotype′s Metal Labels are supplied on web for standard bottling line application


Multi layer labels provide a multiple options for promotional.

We produce multi labels as a ingle layer label, clean release coupon or a variety of multi-layer labels for almost any promotional application. It depends on what you goals are and how big of an area you have to work with. In recent years, Instant Redeemable Label Coupons have become popular but you can also use coupons and multi-layer labels to extend the copy/graphics on your package. Recipes or warnings can be easily incorporated onto an extend graphics type label.

Time/Temprature/Freshness Indicators

TTI are special constructions that change color under the influence of temperature and of the elapsed time since the activation.

This concept is ideal for beverages for eg.

A bottle of cold beverage is indicated as perfect for consumption via a special graphic which comes to life when an appropriate temperature of cooling is reached.

Same way a coffee mug with this indicator label will tell if its ideal for drinking or has lost its warmth.

Duo Labels

Duolabel is used to put extra information on packaging where the available space for text or images is rather limited.

An ideal Promotional labels with an element of game [raffles] that should be concealed to the consumer for as long as possible.

It is Easy to open and re-closable if needed.


  • Promotional action with immediate discount at the checkout.

  • Raffles, tombolas, internet access code, etc?

  • Very easy in use: fast detachable with a special grip zone.

  • No adhesive residue

  • The initially covered information (texts, drawings, barcodes,...) becomes visible again when the top layer is removed.


  • Promotional actions in which an instant discount is awarded at the checkout desk.

  • Promotional actions in which a discount, a free sample or a prize is awarded or raffled when part of the label is filled out (to be sent back).

Continuous Printing for small & medium quantities


  • Around small boxes with cheese or cheese spread.

  • Around small boxes with cheese or cheese spread.

  • In shop or outdoors Displays as borders.

  • Dust bin liners and other products on roll.

  • Individually packed chocolates, cookies etc.

  • Ready meals.

  • Bottles and jars: dairy products, preserved food etc.

  • Small bags for candy, wet towels, pharmaceuticals etc.

Aircraft Labeling

Aircraft decoration endure, high speeds , preasure variations , moisture and constant exposure to sun and water.

we develop special adhesives and special to coats that can withstamd such strong variations and stand the test of time and pressure.

Spot Adhesive Label

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Promotional Feed Matches

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Booklet Labels

The classic Booklet Label is comprised of a booklet or pamphlet that is married to a pressure sensitive label. A booklet label is one type of promotional label used for 'added content' labeling. These are used to add extra information to a label without increasing real estate or the 'footprint' of a label.

Booklet labels are used in numerous ways and for a variety of industries. They are used to tell a story about a product or as an alternative to recipe labels. Booklet labels can be used to include instructions, warnings, drug facts, regulatory information or to incorporate additional languages for products sold in various countries.